31 January, 2013


We wanted to introduce ourselves in an intersesting way so we decided to create VOKI characters. These characters speak instead of us, they say what we are like and more.

Czech pupils creating voki characters

Here you can see one of our vokis:
Martin from the Czech Republic

30 January, 2013


The Turkish pupils decied to be STARSOFTHE FUTURE and this is their site at Postcrossing.

The Czech pupils are WINDKIDS and this is their site

Here are the postcards the Czech pupils have received since the beginning of the school year, before the eTwinning project was created. Although the postcards are still hanging on a board in our school corridor, each postcard has already its owner. They were equally divided among the pupils. ;-)

Choosing the favourites

26 January, 2013


Turkish teacher Tugba has only heard about Postcrossing but she has never tried it. She was very excited about everything and she immediately registered her class in the system.

Tugba, the Turkish teacher :-)

Turkish girls

Turkish class

25 January, 2013


The impulse to create a new eTwinning project arose from my idea to film a Postcrossing Tutorial video. My Czech school was involved in sending and receiving postcards since October 2012. Since then lots of pupils kept asking us: "What is Postcrossing?" I thought it would be nice to film a tutorial about how the postcrossing works and at the same time got the idea of turning it into an eTwinning project. I placed an advert about looking for an eTwinning partner in the eTwinning system. There was really nobody interested in this project and at the time when Tugba from Turkey replied, I was even thinking to stop looking. However, when Tugba asked: "So when are we starting?" it was clear there WILL be a new eTwinning project devoted to our new hobby!