17 February, 2013


Our Turkish project friends live in a town called Düzce that is 1882 kilometres far from Uherské Hradiště. If we took our car it would take more than 20 hours to get there. It would be much more faster to go by plane, of course! :-)

The Turkish teacher Tugba writes more about her hometown:

The city of Düzce has approximately 323 328 inhabitants and it is situated in West Black Sea Region, in the middle of Ankara and İstanbul. It is 40 km to seaside. It has got a magnificient nature and involves different ethnic groups as a cultural mosaic. 

It is also available for cycyling. Because the city center is so flat and everyday about 3 000 cyclists are in the traffic. In fact the word "düzce" means "quite flat". However, the periphery is covered by mountains full of plateaus. 

In 1999 the city was flatten by a big earthquake. But now it is being rebuilt and growing.

The City center in Düzce

An old man watching rafters on the river Melen

Tugba says more about the earthquake:

"It affected mainly 3 cities one of which was ours. We were sleeping when it started. It let us go out safe. But the building were badly damaged. Then the town was destroyed in the second earthquake 2 months later. We were safe. No injury."
The Earthquake in Düzce in 1999

15 February, 2013


This is a video where you can meet some of our Turkish friends. You can see the pupils wear school uniforms. Also the seating is a bit different than in the Czech classrooms.

11 February, 2013


We decided to present some of our postcards in a short video.

The link to this video was sent to the people who sent us the postcards. Some of them even replied! Thank you! :-)

10 February, 2013


Our classes are divided into groups. Each group draws their own address where they write. They also  choose a postcard for the person the systems gives them.